Website design requirements

To engage our Website Design Services, we need the following information from the you

  1. Let us know the main purpose for the website. (for example, to get leads, for information purposes, sell online e.t.c.)
  2. Provide us with the business logo and literature (in Microsoft Word or Pdf) or Materials , pictures e.t.c to be put on the website. All these have to be in soft copy
  3. List examples of sample websites that you like (and why.)
  4. Give preferred colors ( if possible attach them) .
  5. Give the date when you intend to launch.
  6. List the domain name , and indicate if you have hosting already
Payment has to be made before we begin making the website.

If you would like high-quality relevant images that may be used on your site, you can find them from the links below.

These specifications serve as a road-map for the rest of the web design process.

Wire framing

Wire frames are your first chance to visualize your website. While they’re not nearly as detailed as the final site will be, they give us a visual representation of the site’s overall layout.

Development and design

At the same time, we’ll kick off the technical side of the web design process. This will include deploying your Content Management System, creating your custom theme and page designs, and setting up your website’s analytics.

Testing and Client Response
Once the design and development are complete, we provide the client with access to the site where we collaborate one on one with the client on the status of the website if there is any required change to it. If so, we update the content as per the client specifications.

Deployment and optimization
Once both of us agree that the site is ready to be released to the public, from our end we will map the site to the corresponding domain name where it will be visible to the World Wide Web ( ). Once this is done, we ensure that the site is

-Fully optimized -SEO friendly(Keywords, Meta Tags ) 

-Optimize your site through Google Search Console 

-Google Analytics installed ( if necessary)