Never forget another password

Live your best life online with Dashlane—the safe, simple way to store and fill passwords and personal


How it works

Your digital life creates an unsecure trail of logins, passwords, payment information,

and other sensitive personal data out there on the web. Dashlane helps you manage it

all by giving you the ability to store, secure, and access the things that matter most.


Keep all your passwords and personal info in one convenient place.


Protect sensitive information with patented security architecture and real-time alerts.


Securely autofill forms and logins with your stored passwords and personal info, anywhere you go.

Instant security alerts


of data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords.
Enjoy peace of mind with custom alerts designed you keep your digital identity safe.
  • Instant alerts if one of your accounts are compromised or at risk.
  • Stay informed and in control with alerts on all your devices.

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