The ultimate Website Builder

Enjoy ultimate design freedom combined with lightning fast performance in the most intuitive interface
you've ever experienced.


You can create pages, add content, apply SEO and style local elements on each page in the site structure.


With a powerful e-commerce platform integrated with M-Pesa payment method, you have access to the tools needed to run a professional webshop.


With the blogging feature, you can create a communication channel with your clients and website visitors.

Predefined Layouts

When creating a page you don't have to start from scratch. You are provided with a Template Layout section, where it is possible to choose how the new page is going to look like depending on your own attributes - Frontpage, About, Contact, Product/Service, Gallery or Blank.


Once you have built up the layout, you can add the correct content (text, images, video etc) in across the new page decide on its responsiveness across different devices.

Plans and Pricing

One Month Trial



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One pager. Suitable for personal use

Kshs. 499 / mo

Kshs. 3,999 / yr

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Suitable for small business and shops

Kshs. 999 / mo

Kshs. 10,999 / yr

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Suitable for Enterprises & Corporates

Kshs. 1,999 / mo

Kshs. 18,999 / yr

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The Starter Plan is a simple one pager website. View Sample Site