Become a Mono Website Developer

To join us in creating websites in under an hour! with Mono, proceed with the instructions
provided below.

Ujiajiri is always looking for Website developers. As part of the interview process, the below exercise is mandatory

Please note that there is NO coding involved in completing the task

Task: Duplicate a website using our website builder

Once completed, the sample should look something like


  • Place a Free order. Click Here
  • With the provided credentials, login to the website builder editor. Click here
  • Proceed to download the resources provided from the link provided. Click here
  • Follow the video below, and complete the website.
  • Send the completed link ( URL ) to info[at] The subject to be the URL e.g.
  • Candidates to be contacted for the next interview process via email.

Additional resources are available on the Youtube channel. Click here

Note: Please do not contact us via phone for any sort of help. This is the essence of the interview.

We would normally see just 4% of candidates pass this test.