About Us

Ujiajiri is a Kiswahili word whose meaning includes “Self employment”. We aim to empower people to make money through Self employment.

Most businesses are not leveraging on technology to grow due to several factors:

  • Unreliable developers
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Higher costs
  • Lack of skills

Our platform , powered by Mono and EAC directory, currently empowers tens of people shaping the country’s most iconic businesses -to share their stories and create stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence.

Our Values

Design is not a Luxury

We strive for excellence in design and iterate relentlessly in order to achieve that ideal design.

Good work takes time

We respect the creative process and pursue long term ideas without fear.

Optimize towards ideal

Our values and ideals are our decision making


Our Mission Statements

~ We works relentlessly to give customers the most stunning Fast, responsive and Secure web design experience possible.

~ Employ yourself and work from the comfort of your choice.

~ Do what you like and Love what you do
~ Come up with new, cool, and useful features to help your website shine and get you found online.
~ Tinker with, polish, and make our world-class site builder even easier for you to use.